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Summer Institute/Instituto de Verano


"Voices of Social Change Across Borders" Video is released and can be viewed online

The Summer Institute: Social Change Across Borders ("The Institute") at UC Santa Cruz was a seven year project (1996-2003) that brought together grassroots leaders from both Latin America and Latina/o communities in the U.S. The Institute offered participants a time to reflect on transnational trends that affect their work, specific training and education, and an opportunity to network and collaborate with other organizers. Over the years, the Institute has aimed to deepen the understanding of globalization to share and explore the best strategies for organizing for social justice. From 1998 to 2003, UCSC brought together 90 social justice activists from a broad range of issue areas, creating a transnational network linking community leaders from all over the Western Hemisphere: from San Diego to El Salvador, Chicago to Colombia, Michigan to Mexico, Gilroy to Guatemala, and Denver to the Dominican Republic.

To hear more about the Summer Institute directly through the voices of its participants and the Director, Manuel Pastor, please view our video link below. Through "testimonios" and images the film aims to capture the experience of the Institute. We are grateful to all of those who by crossing borders, helped to create and build life-long learning and connections.

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*To view the film immediately use Mozilla Firefox or Netscape browsers. Internet Explorer will also work but takes longer as it first downloads the film.  To save the film to your hard disk, right-click on the film link above. The current version of the video is in both Spanish and English with no subtitles.


Article released on Summer Institute in Latino Studies Journal

"The Summer Institute Project (Cambio Social Cruzando Fronteras): Transnationalisms, Transdisciplinarities, and Transformations in Latino Studies"

By Manuel Pastor and Rachel Rosner

Latino Studies 2006, 4, (1438) 2006 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd 1476-3435/06 $30.00 www.palgrave-journals.com/lst

The coming together of Latin American Studies and Latino Studies is a growing trend on university campuses, partly reflecting an attempt to better understand social processes of globalization and migration. Yet, there are real tensions between the fields due to differences in origins, degree of interdiscliplinarity, and epistemology. One way to bridge the academic gaps may be through tethering such programs in the sort of community accountability called for by Juan Flores, Antonia Darder, Rudy Torres, and others. This article reviews one such attempt through a community-university partnership that for six years brought together activists from Latin American and US Latino communities. We discuss the impacts this projects had on both the activists and their academic partners.



We are proud to announce that the UCLA Center for the Study of Urban Poverty is the new home of the Institute.  The impact of the Institute was profound enough that when the CJTC made the decision to transition the project to an end, graduates of the program worked together to ensure that it continued. 

For the current Institute website at UCLA and for more information click on the link below:


For the historical institute website at UCSC, please click on the link below: