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Gina Dent

Associate Professor and Chair, Feminist Studies

Gina Dent received her Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. She is Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies, Director of the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research at UC Santa Cruz, and also Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Feminist Studies Department.

Research Interests

Africana literary and cultural studies, legal theory, popular culture

Selected Publications

Editor, Black Popular Culture, 1993; New York: New Press, 1999.

Anchored to the Real: Black Literature in the Wake of Anthropology, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, forthcoming.


Telephone: 831-459-3424
Email: ginadent@ucsc.edu
Office: 377- 244 Kresge Acad Bldg

Mailing address:
Humanities Academic Services
University of California, Santa Cruz
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