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Former Steering Committee Member

Dana Takagi

Dana Takagi

Professor, Sociology

  1. Publications (Partial listing)

    • The Praxis of Interpretation and Theory: Participatory Action Research
      The Handbook of Research in Ethnic Studies
      edited by Tim Fong
      Alta Mira Press
    • Native Hawaiians and Social Welfare
      The Encyclopedia of Welfare and Poverty in America
      edited by Gwendolyn Mink and Alice O'Connor
    • Buddhism and Faith-Based Approaches to Welfare
      The Encyclopedia of Welfare and Poverty in America
      edited by Gwendolyn Mink and Alice O'Connor
    • Afterward
      Restoried Selves: Autobiographies of Queer Asian Pacific American Activists
      edited by Kevin Kumashiro
      Hawthorne Press
    • Forget Post-Colonialism! Self-Determination and Sovereignty in Hawaii
    • The Three Percent Solution: Asian Americans and Affirmative Action
      Asian American Policy Review (Fall)
    • Situating Asians Americans in the Political Discourse on Affirmative Action
      with Prof. Michael Omi
      Representations, Summer
      Also reprinted in: Race and Representation in Affirmative Action
      edited by Robert Post and Michael Rogin (1997)
      Zone Books, pp. 271-280
    • Thinking Theory in Asian American Studies
      Co-editor (with Prof. Michael Omi)
      Amerasia Journal
    • We Should Not Make Class a Proxy for Race
      The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 May.
    • The Retreat from Race: Asian American Admissions and Racial Politics
      Rutgers University Press
      (1992, 1998)
    • Maiden Voyage: Excursion into Sexuality and Identity Politics in Asian America
      Amerasia: Dimensions of Desire
      edited by Russell Leong
      Also reprinted in: Asian American Sexualities
      edited by Russell Leong
      Routledge Press
    • Making Waves
      2nd edition
      Beacon Press
    • Queer Sociology
      edited by Steven Seidman
    • Race, Class and Gender
      3rd and 4th edition
      edited by Margaret Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins
    • Asian Americans and Post Civil Rights Politics
      edited by Roger Sanjek and Steven Gregory
      Rutgers U Press
    • Postmodernism from the Edge—Asian American Identity
      Privileging Positions
    • Asian American Identities: A Postmodern Paradox
      Social Justice, Winter
    • From Discrimination to Affirmative Action
      Social Problems vol 4
  2. Other Editorial

    • American Crossroads
      Editor along with George Sanchez, George Lipsitz, Earl Lewis and Peggy Pascoe
      Part of the UC Press Book Series
  3. Honors and Awards (Partial listing)

    1. UC Humanities Institute Residence Fellowship
    2. Outstanding Book Award
      Gustavus-Myer Center for Human Rights
      1994 for The Retreat from Race
    3. National Book Award
      Association of Asian American Studies
      1993 for The Retreat from Race
    4. Distinguished Teaching Award
      Social Science Division, UCSC
    5. Post-Doctoral Fellow
      Institute of American Cultures, UCLA
    6. Rockefeller Fellow
      Queens College, New York City
    7. Invited Talks and Presentations (Partial listing)

      1. Into the 21st Century: Asian Americans and Civil Rights
        Keynote Address
        Asian Americans in Higher Education Annual Conference
        Miyako Hotel, San Francisco
        March 1996
      2. War of the Flea: How Asian America Transformed the Admissions Controversy
        Wellesley College
        November 9, 1995
      3. Assault on the Academy
        Invited Panelist, Plenary Session
        American Studies Association, Annual Meeting
        November 10, 1995
      4. Presentation on Hawai6ian Sovereignty
        Asian Pacific Americans in Philanthropy Annual Meeting
        Los Angeles
        October 27, 1995
      5. Breathless in Hawai’i—Poststructuralism, Feminism, and Sociology Keynote Speech
        Hawai’i Sociology Association
        March 19, 1994
      6. Symposia at BrynMawr
        Keynote Speech
        Swarthmore and Haverford
        on Diversity
        (along with Gerald Graff and Hazel Carby)
        April 29-30, 1994
      7. United States Students’ Association
        Keynote Speech
        Washington D.C.
        April 1991
      8. Paper presentations
        American Studies Association, American Anthropological Association, Asian American Studies, Pacific Sociological Association


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