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Steven Wright

Stephen Wright

Professor, Psychology
Simon Fraser University

Stephen Wright’s research focused on inter-group relations and the effects of group membership on the cognitions, affect, and behaviors of the individual. His major interest involved laboratory and field research on the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral consequences of being a target of discrimination. This work focused on the specific inter-group context of tokenism: situations where only a small number of members of a traditionally disadvantaged group are allowed access to advantaged positions, while the rest continue to face discriminatory exclusion.

Wright also worked on issues of minority language and culture and directs a longitudinal project investigating social and educational issues relevant to the maintenance and enhancement of the Inuit language and culture in the Canadian Eastern Arctic. This project investigated the influence of community attitudes and practices, as well as educational policies and practices, on Inuit children’s acquisition and maintenance of heritage language skills, second-language acquisition, self-concept development, and inter-group attitudes. In addition to its practical utility to the local school board and community leaders, this project had implications for theoretical work on multiculturalism and multilingualism.