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Yael Franco

Student Assistant

Yael Franco was a Student Assistant at the Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community beginning in fall 2006. She is an undergraduate in the Environmental Studies department where her focus lies in Agro-Ecology.

Yael’s hometown is Davis, California, a small University town near Sacramento. There she was active in an organization which provided food and care for the less fortunate in Yolo County. She also participated in structured trips with Esperanza, a community building organization in Tijuana, Mexico that helped build low income housing for citizens there. During her college career, Yael worked with the CJTC, helping with the Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation and the Spring Speaker. She also volunteered for the UCSC Student Health Outreach and Promotion Center on campus, one of the best resources for students on campus to receive information and support about safer sex and health.

Yael has a love for cycling, camping, cooking, gardening, and the outdoors. She has traveled to many foreign countries, lived abroad for a year, and speaks fluent Spanish and Hebrew. All these experiences have created more of a motivation in her commitment to social and environmental justice and she enjoyed devoting her time to the Center and the hard-working and inspirational people involved with it.