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Camden Works: Mobility, Opportunity, and Development in a Regional Context

On October 5-6, 2006, CJTC facilitated a conference entitled "Camden Works" where participants came together to learn about regional labor markets and explore how a regional perspective can inform and improve workforce development strategies. The convening, sponsored by the Ford and Annie E. Casey Foundations, included local grantees and civic actors from Camden and South New Jersey, as well as foundation program officers and leadership, and national experts. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) co-hosted the convening, which was held at the Rutgers-Camden campus.

 "Camden Works" is part of a larger initiative of regional equity demonstration projects (RED) funded by the Ford Foundation from around the country including: Camden, New Jersey; Richmond, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; and Detroit, Michigan.

To veiw more information about the Camden Works event click here: Camden Works.


About the Conversation on Regional Equity (CORE)

Across the nation a new approach to urban and metropolitan development has begun to take root. Sometimes called regional or metropolitan equity, this view notes that the simultaneous processes of urban poverty and suburban sprawl are often driven as much by public policy as by market forces. It argues that community developers who work in poor neighborhoods need to broaden their scope to encompass metropolitan decision-making and understand how jurisdictional fragmentation generates spatial inequality. It argues that older inner ring suburbs now face demographic and economic realities that irrevocably link them with their central city neighbors. And it challenges business leaders to recognize that overall competitiveness is poorly served when parts of the regional economy are suffering.

The CJTC has long been engaged in issues of regional and community development, including efforts to provide research and training support to grassroots groups involved in community-based regionalism (for more on this, go to: http://cjtc.ucsc.edu/communityregionalism.htm ). As part of our broader program in the area of regional equity, from 2004 to 2006, we coordinated the “Conversation on Regional Equity” (CORE), an effort that brought together early leaders and thinkers in this emerging of research and community practice. The participants included:

The CORE group met together over two years in a process aimed at identifying key policy and institutional changes that could help the regional equity movement in the country become more effective. Supported by the Ford Foundation and managed by the CJTC, the meetings included "site visits" to Detroit and Los Angeles in which we met with leading actors from business, labor, the public sector, non-profits, environmental groups, and community-based organization. Covering a variety of issues, including regulations and governance structures, issue framing and media strategies, constituency-building and capacity development, our goal was to outline for the Ford Foundation and the regional equity field a forward looking research, policy, and organizing agenda that can build a stronger movement for metropolitan sustainability.




The resulting analysis of these conversations is synthesized in an executive summary report, "Edging Toward Equity: Creating Shared Opportunity in America's Region's." It is available by either clicking on the link in this paragraph or on the cover to the left.





The executive summary builds on a fuller report of the same title which includes more detail and references to additional reading materials. You can access this by clicking here -- "Edging Toward Equity (full report)" -- or by clicking on the cover to the right.






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Camden Works: Mobility, Opportunity, and Development in a Regional Context
A working conference supported by: the Ford and Annie E. Casey Foundation Organized by the Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community (CJTC).