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Academic and Popular Articles

"The Summer Institute Project (Cambio Social Cruzando Fronteras): Transnationalisms, Transdisciplinarities, and Transformations in Latino Studies"
Article released on Summer Institute in Latino Studies Journal
By Manuel Pastor and Rachel Rosner
Latino Studies 2006, 4, (14-38) 2006 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd 1476-3435/06 $30.00 www.palgrave-journals.com/lst

Breathless: Schools, Air Toxics, and Environmental Justice in California
By Manuel Pastor Jr., Rachel Morello-Frosch, and James L. Sadd
January 2005

Thinking Locally: How Community Organizers are Connecting the Global-Local Dots
By Tony LoPresti and Manuel Pastor
Race, the Environment, and Poverty
Summer 2004

Reading, Writing, and Toxics: Children's Health, Academic Performance, and Environmental Justice in Los Angeles
By Manuel Pastor Jr., James L. Sadd, and Rachel Morello-Frosch
Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy
Vol. 22 (2004)

Guest Workers and the New Transnationalism: Possibilities and Realities in an Age of Repression
By Manuel Pastor and Susan Alva
Social Justice
Vol. 31, Nos. 1-2 (2004)

Bringing Globalization Home
By Manuel Pastor and Tony LoPresti
Color Lines
Vol. 7, no. 2, Summer 2004

The Role of Postsecondary Education in Welfare Recipients' Paths to Self-Sufficiency
By Rebecca London
January 2004

Welfare Recipients' College Attendance and Consequences for Time-Limited Aid
By Rebecca London
January 2004

What to Make of Miami?
By Mike Prokosch and Tony LoPresti
January 08, 2004

Thinking About Racial Paradigms: Consequences for Analyzing the Race Relations between African-Americans and Latinos
By Manuel Pastor
December 2003

An "Option for the Poor": A Research Audit for Community-Based Regionalism in California's Central Coast
By Manuel Pastor, Chris Benner, and Rachel Rosner
Economic Development Quarterly
May 2003

Environmental Justice and Regional Inequality in Southern California: Implications for Future Research
By Rachel Morello-Frosch, Manuel Pastor Jr., Carlos Porras, and James Sadd
Environmental Health Perspectives
April 2002

Environmental Justice: The U.S. Experience
by Manuel Pastor
December 2001

Looking for Regionalism in All the Wrong Places
By Manuel Pastor Jr.
Urban Affairs Review
July 2001

Which Came First? Toxic Facilities, Minority Move-In, and Environmental Justice
by Manuel Pastor Jr., James Sadd, and John Hipp
Journal of Urban Affairs
Spring 2001