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Since 1998, CJTC Co-director Manuel Pastor and a team of researchers from UCSC, Occidental College, and Brown University has worked with Communities for a Better Environment, the Liberty Hill Foundation, and others to conduct research on environmental inequity in Southern California. With funding from The California Endowment and the California Wellness Foundation, we have been documenting racial and other disparities in exposure to local hazards and air pollution. Our most recent efforts are in the Bay Area and include the first published analysis of the overall state of environmental disparity in the nine-county San Francisco metropolitan region.  The results are available in a report entitled, "Still Toxic After All These Years... Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the Bay Area."

Still Toxic After All These Years...Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the Bay Area

From West Oakland's diesel-choked neighborhoods to San Francisco's traffic-snarled Mission District to the fenceline communities abutting Richmond's refineries, poor and minority residents of the San Francisco Bay Area get more than their share of exposure to air pollution and environmental hazards.

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Building a Regional Voice for Environmental Justice In a project funded by The California Endowment and coordinated by the San Francisco Foundation the CJTC put together Building a Regional Voice for Environmental Justice about the partnerships and a presentation about the arc of the work. As you will see, the project is an innovative combination of research and organizing that has both firmly documented the case for action to reduce disparities and provided the research basis for organizing for improvements in air quality and siting practices.


One example of our recent research in this area is a report entitled Reading, Writing, and Breathing which looks at the distribution of air toxics, respiratory hazard, and school children in the state of California.  The report finds evidence of disproportionate exposure and a potential link between such exposure and school-level academic performance, and calls for policy changes that can better situate environmental health concerns within initiatives for school improvement.

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Communities for a Better Environment

CBE is an environmental health and justice non-profit organization, promoting clean air, clean water and the development of toxin-free communities. CBE's unique three-part strategy provides grassroots activism, environmental research and legal assistance within underserved urban communities. CBE directly equips residents impacted by industrial pollution with the tools to inform, monitor, and transform their immediate environment.  


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