University of California, Santa Cruz CJTC — The Center for Justice, Tolerance & Community
CJTC — The Center for Justice, Tolerance & Community



CJTC builds on UC Santa Cruz’s enduring traditions: our diverse faculty’s commitment to building a better world; our scholars’ exceptional work on issues of equity, diversity, and social justice; and an undergraduate and graduate student body devoted to broad social values and learning through research.




Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community (CJTC) began in 2000 with the goal of forging strong community-university partnerships, informing public discourse, and providing timely policy analysis on some of our nationís most pressing social and economic concerns.

In the years since its founding, CJTC has conducted meaningful, applied research, built authentic community-university collaborations, secured grants, awards, and other support, and brought together UC Santa Cruz and the broader public in a series of important convenings and annual lectures. Though all these activities, our mission has remained consistent Ė to create a better, more just world by providing information and analysis for action.

It may not be the case that all good things end but some good things do. We write today to tell you that the Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community will officially close on July 1, 2010. Like many other programs and organizations, CJTC has been a casualty of the economic downturn, in particular associated budget reductions within the UC system that have led to an elimination of the Centerís core operating support.

Thank you for an amazing decade. We are grateful for your continuing support, friendship, and commitment to social justice. Together, we have made a difference and the work of CJTC will surely live on through our collective efforts, our new institutions, and our willingness to speak and act for change.

Again, thank you for all you have done to advance our shared goals. Our website and reports will remain online and accessible.

In gratitude,
Heather Bullock, Director (2007-2010)
Manuel Pastor, Founding Director (2000-2007)